Álvaro Guilherme | PASSION VS. ANXIETY

bis 18.12.2021

»Álvaro Guilherme is a name that raises eyebrows when it is uttered in his adopted Lisbon. Almost everyone has heard about his famous live painting sessions and his pop-up exhibitions in unique places, or seen him in the streets playing the trumpet while taking a break from his ever-present sketchbook.

Unintentionally, the artist has created a legend that follows him and sticks to his work. His mediums are based on a plastic and rhythmic polyphony – you could even say gesturally polyphonic. His work comes gushing from the heart and Álvaro's painting is authentic, young, refreshing, and organic. The crystallization of Alvaro’s work challenges the observer in an interrogative way.

After opening STUDIO183’s Fashion Film project with Álvaro’s live painting session on a store wall, STUDIO183 is proud to feature Álvaro’s exhibition PASSION VS. ANXIETY.«

STUDIO183 Berlin, BIKINI Berlin
18.11 | 18.12 2021

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