Stay Curious – “Assumptions & Empathy”


»For a while I have been thinking about what’s next and ask myself, when we’d be able to meet again. I was sad and depressed, I wasn't able to run any event in 2020. Therefore I now open doors for the virtual beyond tellerrand Café named “Stay Curious”. I invite a mix of lovely people giving short presentations and we are sharing thoughts and have conversations afterwards. On next:

This time I invited two people you might know from events, books or articles you have read. Sharon Steed is known for her brilliant presentations about empathy and she has given some absolute great talks at beyond tellerrand before, last time in Berlin 2019. David Thomas has written a fantastic book about design for cognitive bias and a few years back my friend Mike Monteiro pointed me to him, when he had seen David speaking. And just in the year when I'd have loved to speak to him to invite him to one of my events, a world wide pandemic hit us. Well, luckily I have the chance to invite these two to my little online café.«

Hinweis: alle Angaben ohne Gewähr für Aktualität, Korrektheit und Vollständigkeit.