Termine für Designer

7.8. - 11.8.2017

‘Streit’ as a Design Method

»This workshop tries to explore a different side of „Streit“. Even though it is usually interpreted as the problem, we should rather realise, that the preceding conflict poses the real obstacle, whereas „Streit“ is nothing else than the attempt to overcome it. It is very similar to the relation between virus (conflict) and fever („Streit“) in the medical field. 

In this 5 days lasting workshop, we want to interpret „Streit“ as the latter and therefore as a productive force, a technique to solve problems. The goal is to study its creative potential by adapting the core principles of „Streit“ to the field of graphic design. Thinking of it as a passionate and intense design method will enable us to generate unexpected visual languages.«

Run period: 07.08.2017 – 11.08.2017
Course time: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm
Application Deadline: 10.07.2017
Course fee: EUR 500

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